Tower of Independence (Dubai)

Tower of Independence (Dubai)

Standing at 350 metres, the Tower of Independence is a spectacular skyscraper overlooking the Dubai prime business district. It was designed and built to contain a business and trade centre, a hotel, retail shops, cafes, restaurants, private residential apartments, and 4,000 underground robotic carpark lots. The harmful emissions from the cars will be reduced to zero.

It is a high-tech building that uses ecologically designed facilities to cut operational costs. Heating and cooling of the building are done by huge geothermal heat pumps utilizing underground water.

The interiors of the building are lighted with low-cost new generation LED lighting systems. Solar panel systems provide the external lighting of the complex.

Specially glazed organic window glasses help to reduce costly heat loss and to prevent over-heating during summers. Additionally, they allow more natural light into the rooms and corridors.

Fresh air inside the building is supported by a ventilation system that filters out harmful microbes. The high ceiling and the new filter systems will allow people, working in the building to breath air, which is sublimated to 95% from harmful organic fragments, in contrast to sublimated to 35% air with the conventional systems.

The Tower of Independence is not just a piece of fine modern architecture. It clearly demonstrates how we at Balkanasia can combine smart designing with building materials to construct livable buildings with low-cost maintenance.