Tower of Independence


The Tower of Independence” is provided to be built in the centre of Sofia in the close proximity of NDK /National palace of culture/, one of the most visited locations in town.


  • Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and the 47th largest city by population in the European Union, with 1.4 million people living in the Capital Municipality
  • Sofia is the major economic centre of Bulgaria and home to most major Bulgarian and international companies operating in Bulgaria.
  • Up until 2007 Sofia experienced rapid economic growth. Apartment prices increased dramatically, with a growth rate of 30% in 2008.
  • With its developing infrastructure and strategic location, Sofia is an important centre for international railway and automobile routes. Three Trans-European Transport Corridors cross the city: 4, 8 and 10. All major types of transport (except water transport) are represented in the city.

About Project

The tower will be about 250m high – 75 levels above the ground and 7 underground  – with direct connection to the nearest metro station.

  • The Mega structure will be placed on a 4000sq.m plot from the total area of the park, raised 20m above the ground by 7 columns.
  • The columns will take approximately 600sq.m from the plot and the rest of the space will be used to continue the park territory with high and low plants depending on the dendrology project wich will be part from the investments.
  • The building will be 350 m high with 80 storey and approximately 60000 sq.m total building surface (without the underground levels and parking).
  • An underground parking with more than 4000 parking spaces is also a big part of the project. It will be a modern “Japanese style parking lot ” – machines will take the cars and park them on the free spaces.
  • Multifunctional building which will contains a business and  trade center, a part with hotels and private apartments.
  • During  2008 in Kan the project has been presented for first time. The same year it has been presented also at Cityscape Abu Dhabi because of the big interest from Arabian investors.

Raising the Megastructure above the ground with columns will lighten its silhouette and will let it to fusion with the existing park territory creating the desired symbiosis between nature and the human creation.

The situation of the building is connected with the ability of direct connections with the mass public transport and mostly the new key stations of the Sofia’s Metropolitan.

  • Depending on the number of underground levels there could be build a parking lot for app. 4000 cars, which will be situated under the “Vassil Levski” boulevard and “General J. V. Gurko” street. The building of the parking lot will be consistent with the existing high plants and the infrastructure beneath the boulevard. The parking will serve the megastructure and the people who live or work in the center of Sofia.
  • Using its linear character, the parking lot can be extended in the future depending on the needs of the city.
  • The parking system will be fully automatic and robotic without human interference. It will have several “in” and “out” points with minimum “giving and receiving” time. This is a non working engine operation which means zero pollution.
  • This parking system will decrease the investment by 40%. Its free planning ability is helping to use it everywhere. The exploitation costs will be 70% less then the conventional systems.


  • There are intended nearly 4000 parking spaces on several levels underground, situated under the boulevard and its adjacent green area without breaking the high vegetation, and the system is completely robotic. This will save 40% of the investment in construction compared to conventional car parks and over 70% of operating costs. Parking spaces will serve the residents of the central part of Sofia and building users.
  • Due to their linear nature car parks can be increased along the boulevard, according to future needs.
  • The time for taking and leaving a car will be reduced to 15 minutes and there will be several exit and entry points.
  • The harmful emissions will be reduced to zero.
  • New generation low consumption lamps and LED systems will reduce the exploitation costs by 40%.
  • Heat pumps will use the underground water. Thus the cost for the heating and the cooling of the building will be significantly reduced.
  • The fresh air in the building will be supported by the ventilation system with materials, which do not allow detention of humidity and microbs inside it. The high ceiling and the new filter systems will allow people, working in the building to breath air, which is sublimated to 95% from harmful organic fragments, in contrast to sublimated to 35% air with the conventional systems.
  • Windos systems with organic glasses will highly decrease the waste of heat and will prevent from overheating in the summer reducing the heating and cooling consumption.
  • The waste water will be processed to technically clean one, which will be used for irrigation and other necessities.
  • There are no skyscrapers in Bulgaria, only several projects, that are still not realized
  • There are only a few business buildings with modern hi-tech design in Sofia
  • There is an increased air pollution in the centre of the city
  • There is a big problem with the parking spaces – a lot of cars and no parking areas and underground parking lots in the central parts of the city


An interesting architecture, that will transform Sofia into a modern European capital

75 floors of offices, shops, hotel and living areas

New open-jobs for workers

Parking lot with more than 4000 parking spaces

Social responsible oriented policy

Nature conservation & Low energy consumption

Ozone-enriching system in the surroundings of the lower areas

Fresh air supply inside the building

50 % of the energy saving by thermal pumps & solar systems

Situation, silhouette

  • The structure of the park will be improved (it will be arranged) and the already existing compositional axis will find its logical extension showing continuity between the ages and compositional connectivity of elements.
  • Raising the building 20m lightens its silhouette and allows the landscape of the park to blend with it and to obtain the desired symbiosis between the products of nature and human creation.
  • III. Solving basic problems of communication in the center of Sofia city.

Mass transport

The situation of the building is not accidental. The intention was for a direct connection to a mass public transport and proximity to two key metro stations.


Trees of the future

  • Due to the specific shape and height it is created the stack effect (effect of chimney) and dirty air is thrown over the building, enhancing convection in the area around the building, creating a favorable atmosphere.
  • The horizontal air currents are not distorted and their character is not changed due to the aerodynamics of the building.
  • Heating and cooling in the building is done through the latest generation of high-performance heat pump units that use the waters of the underground river under Perlovska River.
    Photovoltaic systems integrated in the facade will provide the most of, if not all the necessary electrical power for the building.
  • A new generation of clean materials does not allow retention of moisture and microbes in the premises and through air ozonizing with new energy efficient ventilation systems it will result in air purification up to 95%, improving the microclimate in the building.
  • The facade glazing is through special glasses with greater efficiency at retaining heat in the winter and protection from excessive sunlight in the summer. There will also be integrated photovoltaic elements for the production of electric power.
  • The investment  has a serious reversion- it is expected the construction of powerful /massive thermal pumps units which will use the energy of the river down stream and a mounting of sun panels
  • The fresh air in the building will be supported by the ventilation system and materials which do not allow  detention of humidity and microbes inside.
  • The heating and the cooling of the building is provided by flooring system with hot /chilled/ air
  • In proximity there is a geo thermal water source which may be used on a concession for additional ecological outfits

Thermal pumps & Solar Systems

  • A considerable return on the investment is expected as provisions have been made for the construction of powerful thermal pump aggregates utilizing the energy of the under-flowing river, as well as for the installment of solar systems.
  • These geothermal heat pumps rely on the relatively steady high temperature of the underground and surface waters to be a natural heat pump heating source providing the independent heating/cooling of the building.
  • All windows will be with specially glazed glass, thus decreasing costly heat loss. By investing in an ecologically designed building and facilities, the company would save about 40 per cent of the energy otherwise needed for an ordinary complex.

Bright office areas

  • Solar systems will provide the external lighting of the complex, while large windows inside will ensure the flow of natural light within the offices and corridors.
  • Almost all of the offices will look out and will have a great view of the city.